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A Cursed Vengeance

Medusa’s daughter wants revenge.

Seventeen-year-old Odessa inherited a lesser version of her mother’s curse: any living being she
touches turns to stone. Banished to a remote island before her birth, Odessa spends her days
caring for her pet snakes and fantasizing about the one thing that will break her curse—Athena’s
death. When news arrives that the goddess is holding a competition to select a new handmaid,
Odessa seizes her opportunity. If she wins, she’ll be close enough to kill Athena.

But the competition is deadlier than she imagined. With the loser of each trial sentenced to death
and the other competitors ready to attack anyone they deem a threat, Odessa is left with two
unlikely allies: Sophina, another victim of Athena’s curses and Bas, Athena’s estranged daughter.
Despite her initial rivalry with Bas, Odessa soon finds there’s more to the brash, sarcastic girl
than she thought, and as the competition progresses, her hostility grows into attraction. But Bas
doesn’t know Odessa’s true motive for joining the trials, and the secret is becoming harder to

When Odessa’s vengeance seems within reach, Athena is a step ahead. She knows her plan, and
while Athena can’t interfere in the trials directly, she will do everything in her power to ensure
her daughter wins. In her quest for revenge, Odessa must survive a deadly game, untangle her
complicated feelings for Bas, and decide just how far she’s willing to go to kill a goddess.

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