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Touch of Stone

Seventeen-year-old Odessa has never quite gotten used to the sound of human flesh hardening into stone.


The only people that have made it to the remote island of Sarpedon, where Odessa lives with her mother Medusa are the occasional sailors blown off course. And they don’t last long. Odessa has inherited a lesser version of her mother’s curse: she can turn any living thing into stone by touching it. And only one thing can free her from her curse—Athena’s death. Despite Medusa’s warnings, Odessa leaves her mother and her island behind to join a deadly competition to become Athena’s new handmaiden. If she wins, she can get close enough to kill the goddess.


On Olympus, Odessa meets two competitors she didn’t expect: Sophina, another girl cursed by Athena, and Bas—daughter of Athena. Unwilling to let her own victory come at the cost of another cursed girl’s life, Odessa grows protective of Sophina and the two seek to end their curses together. But Athena is a step ahead. She knows who Odessa is, and while Athena can’t interfere in the trials directly, she will do everything in her power to ensure her own daughter Bas wins.


Despite wanting to hate Bas, Odessa soon finds that there’s more to the brash, sarcastic girl than she thought. Bas doesn’t even flinch when she learns the truth about Odessa’s mother and as the competition progresses, their rivalry grows into attraction. Now, Odessa must navigate a series of increasingly difficult trials, try to protect Sophina, and untangle her growing feelings for Bas. 


But only one competitor can make it out alive. 

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