Genre: YA Fantasy

Word count: 90k

Status: Drafted

Vera Dubois is used to deals with monsters. After her father's mysterious death, she made a deal with the eldritch creature that haunts the woods near her home - occasionally poison one of the pastries her family's bakery is renowned for, reaping a soul for the creature, in exchange for protection for her sisters, her mother, and her livelihood.

But when the prince offers her a job - move to the palace, become his sister's royal taster, and poison her to ensure he becomes king, Vera sees a way out of her debt to the creature. Take the gold, move far away from her little village, and start a new life for her family. However, she is soon caught up in a web of court politics and confusing feelings for the princess... and finds that deals with eldritch creatures are not easily broken.



Genre: YA Science Fantasy

Word count: 98k

Status: Querying

Taerah has spent her entire life honing her song magic, hoping for the chance to be named the next ruler of the sorcerers. When she and her best friend Sephtis are chosen together, she finally knows her place in the galaxy. They will be the guardians of their people, ensuring the planetsong is perpetually sung, the worlds live in harmony. The only requirement is that they both remain on their planet for the rest of their lives. But when Sephtis runs away from their enclave, taking his nonmagic girlfriend with him, Taerah must leave the only home she's ever known to bring him back, or risk losing both her best friend and her crown.

Stowing away on a ship, Taerah tangles with the ship's crew - a band of mercenaries intent on finding Sephtis. Their captain Cyrus is the brother of Sephtis's girlfriend, seeking personal revenge for what he thinks is a kidnapping.

Taerah tries to convince the crew of Sephtis's innocence, but her words fall on deaf ears when a ghostly black hole appears in the galaxy and swallows a planet - and Sephtis is responsible. Her planetary magic severely weakened after the planet's destruction, Taerah must race against time to find Sephtis and convince him to help her put a stop to the singularity before more worlds suffer the same fate.



Genre: YA Fantasy

Word count: 79k

Status: Shelved

Eleuia Kantun believes that the Darkness, and the madness that follows in its wake, are only myths. Stories to teach children to show proper respect for the gods of death. But on the morning of her brother Teya's coronation as king, their island is plunged into darkness, without even the comfort of stars.

The high priests decide that the best way to contain the madness is to execute anyone who shows signs of it: the strange bubbling, sunken flesh, and violent outbursts are surely a curse from the gods, and they believe it could be contagious. So when Eleuia's brother destroys his chamber and attacks her in the throes of madness, she hides her discovery from the priests. She believes that if she can find a way to convince the gods to end the darkness, Teya will be cured.


But her secret is exposed when Teya declares war on their neighboring nations in a crazed public address. The priests place him under house arrest to await execution. Now, Eleuia must find a way to rescue her brother and put an end to the darkness - before the madness claims her, too.



Genre: YA Fantasy

Word count: 83k

Status: Shelved

Petra wants vengeance, and not just for that other assassin-in-training leaving her with a few bruises last week. It's been a deep-seated need in her bones ever since her mother was brutally murdered and the Clan of a Thousand Faces took her in ten years ago. When their camp is attacked by deadly warriors bearing the same insignia as her mother's killers, Petra seizes the opportunity to uncover the truth behind her mother's death.

But Petra's training never prepared her for what she encounters on her first mission. She discovers she has the ability to read souls, sifting through them to feel their emotions, find old memories - even feel their physical pain. Petra doesn't know if this new ability will help her or kill her, but nothing can keep her from the truth. With Xavier, another assassin willing to bend the rules, she travels to the city where her mother died and struggles to uncover just who the killers are, and why they're after her now.

In the bowels of the city, Petra learns the terrible truth: the leader who orchestrated her mother's murder and lured her to the city is a powerful psychic, and he plans to use her soul reading talent to track down all others with abilities and destroy them.



Genre: YA Fantasy

Word count: 

Status: Planning



Genre: YA Fantasy

Word count: 

Status: Drafting

Odessa has lived on the island of Sarpedon with her mother Medusa all her life. Her only contact with the outside world has been the glimpses she catches of sailors who come ashore, before her mother adds them to her statue collection. But Odessa has inherited part of her mother's curse--instead of turning others to stone at a glance, it's Odessa's touch that is deadly. When a messenger from Athena comes to the island, searching for girls to enter a competition to become Athena's next immortal handmaid, Odessa jumps at the chance. If she can win, perhaps she can get close enough to the goddess to kill her and reverse her family curse. 

But when the competition begins, Odessa realizes that Athena knows who she is, and has rigged the competition against her. And only one competitor can make it out alive.

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